Taskmaster tires


Founded: 1983
Founder: Taskmaster Components
Headquarters: Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA
Website: https://taskmasterproducts.com

Taskmaster is an American tire & wheel brand manufacturing products for passenger, heavy-duty vehicles as well as all kinds of trailers. The company’s offerings in highest demand are tires for pickups, smaller SUVs, and crossovers. All the Taskmaster products are being certified in accordance with the Federal Motor Vehicle Standards which definitely assures their quality.

Who makes Taskmaster tires? Having a long history, Taskmaster Components has developed into a large company with its own supply chain and transportation system. The company has more than 5,000 retail stores across the US and several facilities in South America, Europe, and Australia.

Taskmaster tires are designed with the use of a sturdy and tough tread compound which makes them wear-resistant, allowing them to withstand heavy loads. Even the low-cost Taskmaster Provider Entrada model can offer more-than-acceptable performance on the road. They show decent levels of traction on dry and wet surfaces, durability, and noise comfort.
A lot of the pluses of Taskmaster tires are possible through their design characteristics including specially developed tread patterns that improve steering response and stability during high-speed driving. The tires’ deep sipes are intended to improve traction on a slippery road and cornering grip in wintry conditions. With it, the design of the shoulder ribs is intended to considerably decrease road-noise, while twin steel belts and polyester cords are responsible for durability. All these features enable Taskmaster tires to overcome up to 40,000 miles before you have to replace them.

Where are Taskmaster tires made? Actually, Taskmaster tires are manufactured in China. Some people tend to shy away from tires made in China but Taskmaster tires are really top-of-the-line. Not only do these tires have excellent customer reviews but they also come with a 2-year limited warranty that shows how confident the manufacturer is in its products.

Prices for Taskmaster tires depend on the category and size. Thus, the relatively inexpensive Contender and Provider cost $80 on average. For the brand’s premium tire designed for heavy-duty trailers, you can pay up to $240.
Taskmaster tires are perfectly created to do their job according to their purpose. They can help you drive your car or tow your trailer on a dry or wet road, and it’s unlikely that you’ll face a problem with them. These tires have proven to be reliable, and won’t unexpectedly blow when you areĀ in the middle of nowhere.