Rotalla tires

Rotalla tires
Founded: 2014
Founder: Rakla Tires
Headquarters: Mississauga, Canada
Parent: Rakla Tires

Rotalla is a minor brand of the big Canadian tire company, Rakla Tires. It’s actually unknown whether Rotalla tires are even made as of 2021, because there is almost no notice of them on the official Rakla website. Moreover, Rotalla’s own website looks sketchy and doesn’t inspire much faith in them.

Who makes Rotalla tires? Rakla’s creations are mostly made in Canada or in the United States.

They are also concentrating mostly on these two markets, but you can find them in Europe and Asia, although they aren’t as popular there. Moreover, the majority of Rotalla users are Americans.
These tires are entirely within the ‘cheap’ category – they are pretty ineffective and don’t cost much. Mind you, they do cost a lot, considering the quality is far from perfect. While they cost like the standard average-grade rubbers, the characteristics themselves are way below even the cheap Chinese brands.
They don’t actually have a lot of information about their products anywhere, so you don’t know what to expect from them. Regardless, the main problem is their performance.
The grip only works during the mild weather. Whenever the ground gets wet, the controllability plummets. It doesn’t only reduce the comfort very significantly, but also increases the risk. The fact that Canadians designed these is surprising, considering Canada is known for her very harsh climate.
Such tires are usually cheap, and the main argument of buying them is that you can change them with very little effort. They don’t necessarily wear off faster than usual, so this argument technically works.
However, even the low price it has is too high for the tires that can’t be handled in rough weather. These are supposed to be ‘affordable Canadian tires’, and they might be, given how everything is pretty expensive in Canada. However, it’s still better to buy costlier tires made with more responsibility.

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