Saffiro tires

Saffiro tires

Founded: 2015
Founder: Saffiro Tires
Headquarters: Vernon, California, USA
Parent: Saffiro Tires

Saffiro is an American producer of high performance car tires. While you could buy them in Europe and in Asia, the domestic market is still the key one for them. They are made with American technology and tailored for American cars first and foremost. Generally, unless you’re an American, you won’t likely even find them anywhere near.

Where are Saffiro tires made? Most of them are created in the United States.

Given how Saffiro is also a major distributor in America, not outsourcing tire manufacturing to Asia (like many companies do) is a good call.
There aren’t a lot of them. Despite promoting their selection as fairly rich, SF500 is pretty much the only tire for passenger cars available at the moment. There are several more options for light trucks, commercial trucks and SUVs, but they aren’t as popular. People overwhelmingly mean SF5000 when they speak about Saffiro anyway.
And Saffiro tires are considered a higher echelon – they are more expensive and proportionally done with more quality. They like to talk about their traction, specifically. Their rubber is supposed to provide a lot of comfort and not much noise as a result of all the research and tests invested into creating of these.
Saffiros are easy to control and they withstand a lot of stress. Given how they are actually a bit more expensive than your average American or European tires, it’s good to know that they are enduring and obedient. You wouldn’t want to order a few more after just a couple months of using these.
But when it comes to cost-effectiveness, they are great. Saffiro tires aren’t necessarily expensive, and what output they generate during their long work pays off the money you gave for them.
However, you won’t likely need them. After all, they are high-performance. It means you’ll only need them if you expect some rough weather ahead. Saffiro aren’t just going to perform well under most conditions – they’ll do great.

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