Zeetex tires

Zeetex tires

Founded: 2005
Founder: Zafco
Headquarters: Miami, USA
Parent: Zafco
Website: https://zeetex.com/

Zeetex is a major name among the brands owned by the American tire company Zafco. Despite only appearing in 2005, Zeetex has already made its some name and have expanded to all continents (save for Antarctica, of course).
Zeetex usually works through dealers. That is, they don’t usually have dedicated stores. They do have a lot of subsidiaries, however. Almost every region where they are present has an official office specifically for the dealings in this sector.

Who makes Zeetex tires? But while the brand is busy developing and selling the tires, Zafco – the parent company – is responsible for production.

They make most of the Zeetex tires, and the key production lines are located in Indonesia. There are certainly more facilities, because Zeetex tires are sold in 85 countries, and that’s a lot of coverage.
But what’s essential about Zeetex? Why buy them? Zafco has several brands, each with a slight inclination towards a certain necessary quality. For Zeetex, it means performance and longevity. They are made effectively, and from good materials and technology.
The key feature of these tires is that they last very long and don’t lose a much of their effectiveness over time. Simultaneously, they don’t cost very much, not in relation to their performance. They aren’t exactly a cheap brand, but also not a premium class. It’s a decent medium product.
Obviously, Zeetex has created a large number of different tire variations – some of them better and more costly than the others. They do have a wide selection of goods – all you have to do is just look through them and choose a pack for yourself. Whatever you pick, they’ll most likely live for a long time and work very well.
Overall, Zeetex can be considered the happy medium between the cheap Chinese tires and expensive top-tier rubber.

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