BFGoodrich tires

BFGoodrich tires

Founded: 1896
Founder: B. Goodrich
Headquarters: Akron, Ohio, USA
Parent: Michelin

BFGoodrich is one of the oldest American tire brands. Their enterprise has started as soon as 1896, and the company itself exists for even longer. For the moment, they are owned by Michelin, but Goodrich brand is still heavily involved into the tire-creating business. They have a rich tire collection and a lot of technology of their own.

Who makes BFGoodrich tires? The majority of Goodrich tires are made by Goodrich without intermediaries, although with the help from Michelin. There are three key manufacturing facilities used by them: 2 in Alabama, and 1 in Indiana. In Europe, most Goodrich tires are made by Michelin, however.

Goodrich tires aren’t really affordable. The average price is between $80 and $100, and they vary a lot based on what sort of tire you’re buying. There are specific ‘sport’ tires, all-terrain treads, and many more options.
The regular urban variants are regarded as decent. They are neither too soft, nor too rigid, neither too noisy, neither quite. They won’t really impress you with their comfort characteristics, but you might be pleasantly surprised at their handling.
The grip is splendid, and the tires do their job well. The summer options don’t lose traction however how the ground may be. The winter and all-season tires are great on ice, slush and other cold elements. The all-terrain tires are great at everything, although they are also amongst the costliest in the collection.
Michelin contributed a lot to this state of things. The treads themselves are inspired by the iconic Michelin patterns that save the tires from pebbles, road curves and water equally well. It’s also why many Goodrich tires tend to be in a pricier category.
In essence, they do their job well, but you should still drive carefully, because they aren’t universally good. Hit them carelessly enough and they may pop right there and then. The urban tires provide a well enough handling, as well as control and smoothness, but they aren’t immortal.

Where to buy BFGoodrich tires? There are a lot of BF dealers throughout the world, and you can the closest to you on this page. They do most of the selling themselves, although it’s just as common to find their tires on display at independent dealers or Michelin salons, for that matter.

Despite not being strictly tough, they last for long enough. For instance, the summer passenger tires range from 60,000 to 75,000 in mileage (as per warranty). With care, the real mileage can be extended to 100,000 miles and beyond. That is, you have to be careful or use all-terrain tires.
Speaking of their off-road variants – buying them is highly advised to all. They don’t just traverse mud, snow and slush with ease. They also ride pretty smoothly on tarmac and other paved surfaces. The only two issues with this style of driving are price and noise.
The price is obviously higher than usual tires, but also not really higher than usual off-road tires. The average pricing is about $150 per tire, which isn’t too bad for such an enduring and gripping rubber.
The noise can be quite distracting, although not really distracting. Close your windows and turn the music on, and you’ll forget about them completely.
The passenger and SUV tires aren’t as good, that’s true. However, they aren’t particularly bad, either. They don’t really have any prominent issues, and they handle very well. The choice is yours.